Free legal advice for disabled people

We offer legal advice to persons with a moderate, severe or profound disability in collaboration with Õigusteenuste Büroo (ÕTB). Caregivers or family members of the target group may also request counseling as representatives of the target group in order to resolve any legal issues of a person with special needs.

The purpose of the service is to provide legal advice and assistance to persons with special needs in their daily communication and dealing with the authorities.

Legal aid is ensured in resolving daily legal problems: debts, housing, family matters, work matters, benefits, etc. during meeting with a legal adviser (if necessary also online (Skype)), legal information can be requested by phone and via online counseling.

Legal counseling services are offered in 15 accessible counseling locations all over Estonia in cooperation with county chambers of disabled people.

Advance registration is required to receive legal counseling, by calling the phone numbers of SA Õigusteenuste Büroo: 601 5122 or 53 850 005

The service is free for the target group. A sign language interpreting service can be used for the counseling if necessary.

Additional information:

tel: 53 850 005, e-post:

Legal counseling services are sponsored by the Estonian Ministry of Justice.