Counseling services for persons applying for determination of work ability or degree of severity of disability

The ECDP provides additional counseling services for persons applying for determination of work ability or degree of severity of disability and their legal representatives. The purpose of the counseling service is to create an additional and independent support system for resolving issues related to the assessment of work ability and degree of severity of disability.

Free counseling is available for people of working age (and their legal representatives):
• who intend to request an assessment of work ability and/or an assessment of the degree of severity of disability;
• whose work ability and/or degree of severity of disability has been assessed, but who are dissatisfied with the results of the assessment and need assistance in clarifying the content of the decisions;
• who need assistance and advice in exercising their right to appeal against decisions on the assessment of work ability and/or degree of severity of disability.
Counseling is provided in face-to-face meetings, via e-mail and by phone

Face-to-face meetings for counseling that are registered in advance take place in the ECDP at Toompuiestee 10, Tallinn. The ECDP is open on business days from 9 AM to 5 PM.

  • Call 671 5909 or send an e-mail to to register for counseling
  • Send an e-mail to for counseling via e-mail
  • Call 671 5909 for counseling by phone

A sign language interpretation service is provided, if necessary; please submit this request upon registration to the counseling. The building of the ECDP is accessible. The person seeking counseling can use a client computer with Internet connection and an ID card reader on site (e.g. to fill in electronic applications with the help of a counselor).

About adviser Kristi Rekand: Kristi has a master's degree in social work and law. Her long-term professional work experience is primarily related to legal counseling, assisting people with special needs in a variety of vital issues. Kristi has dealt with the topic in depth both when working on cases of her clients and when searching for solutions on the level of the system. As a competent adviser, Kristi wants to help every applicant to achieve the expected and satisfactory result.

When registering for counseling:

  1. Let the adviser know exactly what kind of advice and help you need, whether:
    • it is related to assessment of work ability and/or application for disability in general
    • it is related to preparation of applications for work ability assessment and/or determination of disability
    • it is related to preparation of a complaint
  2. Let the adviser know if you need the help of a sign language interpreter.
    If you have already received the decision and are considering contesting it, please also inform the adviser of the date of receipt of the document. The date of receipt of the document is important for calculating the procedural time limit for drawing up a complaint and is necessary for understanding the urgency of the matter. NB! The dates on which the document was drawn up and received may differ.
  3. If possible, examine the relevant forms on the website of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and Social Insurance Board and additional materials (introductory methodologies, videos, frequently asked questions, etc.) beforehand when submitting an application for assessment of work ability and/or disability.
  4. If you and the adviser agree on filling in the work ability assessment and/or disability determination electronic application form on-site, make sure you have an ID card or mobile ID and the relevant PIN codes.
  5. Be aware that if you have contacted the adviser by e-mail, the adviser will write you as soon as possible, specifying the circumstances if necessary and agreeing on the time of the appointment. Feel free to ask about anything that worries you regarding the subject, because you play an important role in defending your rights.
  6. If you cannot come for counseling at the agreed time, be sure to notify us by phone 671 5909 or e-mail:

The counseling service is funded by the European Social Fund measure "Creation and implementation of a work ability support scheme".