Additional info about the card

What information you will find here?

On this webpage we have gathered information about discounts for people with disabilities and their accompanying persons in the field of transport, leisure, sports and culture. Here you get a certain overview on what kind of discounts and benefits you can get in buses, trains and ferries. Also you will find information about discounted tickets to theaters, cinemas, museums, exhibitions and concerts all over Estonia. We advise you to double-check the information at the webpages of the service providers. Some information about accessibility of the venues are also provided here, primarily about access for wheelchair users. Information about accessibility is based on what the providers themselves are telling about it at their webpages, we have not checked the situation on spot.

What is European Disability Card?

European Disability Card is an initiative to create a client card, what will be providing the person who have got it issued right to receive discounts in the field of culture, tourism, leisure and sports. The card is as yet in pilot phase. The card will be a similar one to the disabled persons parking card and European health insurance card, as the EU member states who have joined the initiative will eventually be issuing a card with a common design and the benefits with the card will be mutually recognized cross border. National benefits will be also provided for citizens of another EU member state, if the person had the card issued. The same way Estonian citizens who carry the card, be entitled to discounts and benefits when travelling in another EU member state that has joined the initiative.

Is the card already in use?

By now European Union has made preparations starting issuing a common EU Disability Card. The working group preparing the initiative had 17 member states participating. Out of those, 8 EU member states, including Estonia, started a pilot project to map the benefits and discounts in the field of culture, tourism, transport and prepare the future use of such card. In addition to Estonia, also Finland, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Romania have joined the pilot project. Slovenia and Malta are most advanced, ready to issue the card. Other countries are still in preparatory phase.

When and how I can get the card?

The Estonian pilot project started 01.02.2016 and will last 18 months. The project is implemented by the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People, funded by European Commission and the implementation is carried out in tight co-operation with the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs. The decision about the card is not taken yet, so you cannot get the EU Disability Card yet in Estonia. Information about when and how to get the card will be published as soon as the relevant decisions have been made.

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